Miniature Arcade Cabinets Take Us Back To Retro 80’s Days Without Quarters

Did you grow up in the Halcyon days of arcade video game cabinets determined that you would one day hold a personal “Frogger” machine in the palm of your hand? If you did, then you either dreamed of one day growing up to be Optimus Prime and stuffing full-size coin-op attractions in your pocket, or you foresaw the rise of these fantastic Miniature Arcade Cabinets decades before their time.

Sometimes, satisfying nostalgic gaming doesn’t require a downsized iteration of a vintage console iteration stuffed with 30 or more full-color classic games. In a pinch, these single-color versions of “Asteroids,” “Q’bert,” “Centipede” and “Frogger” take us back to pumping the original machines full of quarters while awaiting our hard-earned Book It! personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut and kicking our little brothers in the power pellets to steal their “The Land Before Time” puppets. Each handheld cabinet measures 5.75 inches tall by four inches wide by two inches deep and surrounds its display monitor with flawlessly replicated manufacturer decor. The joysticks and input buttons likewise recreate the gameplay of their original counterparts to a “T,” complemented by the authentic sounds and music delivered by dual speakers for an irresistible throwback atmosphere.

Those thumb-blistering thrills are once more ours to treasure, and this time around, we don’t have to fork over our allowances to get our fix. Long have we waited to no longer choose between video games and stickers. Our hour has come.

These delightful Miniature Arcade Cabinets also include power and sound controls to better optimize the life of their two included AA batteries. Now, we just have to track down a Walkman and a cassette copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ “Coming Out of Our Shells” album to kiss our weekend productivity goodbye.

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