Mini Sport & Spy Camera w/ Night Vision Captures All The Action Anywhere You Can Imagine

You want to take 120 degree wide-angle videos and pictures, while you’re on the move, in all types of weather? Or, do you need a stealthy small video camera that you can place somewhere without anyone knowing, even at night inside your car? Then the you need this Mini Sport & Spy Camera with night vision.

It’s ultra mini size allows you to carry and deploy it anywhere, without anyone seeing it, but you will definitely see everything in it’s 120 degree view range, night or day. No worrying about recording time, as it has a motion detector that will trigger the camera to only turn on when something, or someone moves in its view range.

In this way, you can see what’s happening places when you are not around, good or bad, you’ll see it in HD quality with this little sports spy cam. It records in AVI format at 30 frames per second, and comes with 16GB Micro SDR card, up-gradable to 32GB.








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Smaller than your thumb, take this ultra mini camera anywhere you can imagine. Works in complete darkness or even underwater to capture the moments you thought were impossible to get

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