Mini Smart Phone Fan For iPhone & Android Cools Down Our Hottest Days

Summer can be an unforgiving circle of Hell for smart phones. Seriously, nothing makes us ruminate on just what a great thing we had going as recently as a decade ago with our blocky Nokias’ greenish calculator-looking displays quite like blotting lakes of sweat off our fancy, functional touch screens. On a prime, miserably sweltering dog-day afternoon, about ten minutes pressed against swampy skin and hair while talking is enough to leave our screen covers with a texture we could reasonably liken to the front panel of LeBron James’ game-worn shorts after double overtime.

Oh, shut up. You didn’t really “need” to eat.

Fortunately, this Mini Smart Phone Fan helps our phones help themselves between calls by powering a brisk little breeze to cool our cheeks from around the high average temp for Phoenix in July to Phoenix in, say, early October. This handy dynamo plugs right into your phone’s power port to either cool you down at speeds approaching 16,000 RPM when the A/C just isn’t hacking it or simply tousle your hair for a wind-swept selfie that would make a Kardashian weep appreciatively.

And face it, who hasn’t wanted to cross that off their bucket list at least once a day for years?

Your phone puts forth a little overtime. In exchange, its screen won’t look and feel like you’ve been carrying it in the crack of your ass while running a marathon. In Dubai.

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