Mini Monster Truck Crushes Every Toy Car Your Rich Kid Could Ever Want

What is it with kids and cars? You’ve tried everything. Taking them to a NASCAR race, entertaining them with wild spins in parking lots. Heck, you’ve even tried the amusement park. Your kid simply wants a vehicle of their own.

You may have heard of tricking out kiddie cars or Crazy Carts, but if you want some real inspiration for your next kid-themed project check out this Mini-Monster Truck. This truck is about half the size of an actual monster truck and is most likely the biggest kid car you’ve seen to date. It uses a four-cylinder Ford engine with speeds up to 25 mph to devastate anyone’s neighborhood.

It even has four-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, and LED lights for driving after dark. Watch out girl scouts, it’s about to get carnal up in here.
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