Mini Coffee Pot Mug Destroys Decaf Drinkers

Let’s face it, people who drink decaf coffee are almost as bad as vegetarians. They are practically hippies and as such they should be mocked at all opportunities.

With this Decaf is for Wimps Coffee Mug you can make your co-worker decaf drinkers know just how much you despise them for their pitiful excuse for drinking coffee. It’s like going to a bar and drinking non-alcoholic beer. Whats the point?  – Decaf is for wimps. Enough said.

The box is also pretty cool too, great for gift giving. The mug is made from ceramic and holds a full 8 ounces for a bloke to be downing boiling coffee straight out of the pot. As long as that pot doesn’t contain decaf, then all is alright with the world. Give us the sweet, sweet caffeine, which is what everyone wants.

Full Pot of Coffee Mug Box

If you love coffee to the point of being a little psychotic about it, then this is the pot for you.



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