Mini Beer Pong Travel Set Brings Sport Wherever The Suds Flow

If a proper beer pong setting could only travel anywhere and everywhere good times are had, the boozy battleground eclipse baseball and being patently offended by absolutely everything as America’s Pastime.

When we were but little crumb-snatchers, it took as little as minutes to turn a vacant lot into a baseball diamond. Our neighbors never knew when a pickup game of hockey, soccer, or football might break out in the middle of our street. On the other hand, a proper round of beer pong requires a decently long table, cups, and an ample supply of suds. This convenient Mini Beer Pong Travel Set shrinks the standard setup down to a size that allows a spontaneous duel of drunken hand-eye coordination to erupt at any barbecue, tailgate, or beach party with as little as a few feet of room.

For starters, this shrunken kit pares down to shot glass-sized cups, dramatically reducing the quantity of alcohol needed to load up each one. They also reduce the cleanup to practically nil, thanks to the dishwasher-friendly board’s no-tip slots. Instead of bouncing balls across a sizable table, players alternate flipping them into each other’s cups with built-in launchers. Even in the event of a miss, the attached nylon cords keep balls from flying askew and getting lost or beaning spectators.

Forget a ping-pong table. The Mini Beer Pong Travel Set seen here fits just fine across a booth in your favorite neighborhood pub. Nix the keg. A 12-pack will probably suffice to play a best-of-three series with plenty of beer leftover to award the victor.



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