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Mini Beer Pong Brings This Epic Portable Party Wherever You Go

When you boil it right down, is there any more perfect party game than Beer Pong?

No, seriously. Rules don’t come much simpler than “force the other team to chug beers by throwing ping-pong balls into cups until they’re too damn sloshed to make you drink anything by sinking shots in yours.” The game itself is so easy to understand, that some of the most marketable equipment sets have centered on making the atmosphere more infectiously fun, from individualized cup-and-ball sets to tables equipped with luminous glow-in-the-dark paint jobs, personalized logos, and LED arrays.

This, though? This might just be our favorite innovation yet: Mini Beer Pong, a portable tabletop version of any party’s booziest battle.

This convenient little setup secures the miniature cups in spill-proof recesses. From there, use the spring-loaded flippers to try and down one tethered ball after another into the array – no chasing down errant shots. When you’re done, the ball, flippers and cups fold up into one convenient self-contained casing that stows away easily with no hassle, no spills, and minimal clean-up.

With Mini Beer Pong, any pre-party, tailgate, Happy Hour or get-together can become a suds-soaked arena for ultimate bragging rights.

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Iconic party game goes where you go

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$39 $80 Buy Here
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