Mind-Bending Twisted Fantasy Animal Skulls Sculptures By Chris Haas

Want to know what makes some of the scariest stuff of nightmares out there so very terrifying? So much of it, we just find so unsettlingly gorgeous.

Yep, this time out, we’ll just grin and bear it when we explain our fascination with the skull-scultpures of darkly imaginative Colorado artist Chris Haas and they wonder, what a trolley tour of our noggins would look like. The ghostly and mystical creations he stirs to life by fusing animal skulls with flourishes of bright paints and other wild embellishments may resemble lost set pieces from PAN’S LABRYNTH, THE DARK CRYSTAL, or in the case of one disquieting deer head, THE EVIL DEAD.

Nevertheless, we’re simply magnetized. He has a sense for just the intimidating beak, threatening incisors or oblivion-black eyes to lend each beast that we find unnerving…yet appealing. You’ll never see so much life pour from the remnants of death.

Oh, by the way, just for one last touch of compelling creep? He presents each as a taxidermy head-mount worthy of the most ballsy trophy hunter you will ever hope to never ever meet. His work is a bona fide world of curiosity worthy of H.P. Lovecraft and singularly apropos for Halloween.

Source – BeautifulDecay via Haas’ website, Facebook, and Instagram


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