Millennium Falcon Purse Is The Chicest Hunk Of Not-Junk In The Galaxy

Pretty much every enticing geeky gadget we feature here on Unique Hunters stems from the same general point of origin: someone with uncommon know-how possessed both a creative practical notion and the skill to bring it to life.

When it comes to the Inner Selfie Stick, the less intimately familiar we’re made with that journey from idea to prototype, the less shame we feel obligated to wash away at the end of each day.

Instructables hosts scores of clear and detailed step-by-step guides to creating some remarkably neat stuff, and this DIY Millennium Falcon Purse by Mikaela Holmes is absolutely no exception.

While very anxiously awaiting the nerdy euphoria that rained down upon the world with the worldwide release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, the industrious leatherworker applied her creative handiness to honoring Han Solo’s parsec-defying hunk of junk into an admirably compact purse that matches the smuggler-mobile’s finest details and metal finish to the closest accuracy possible.

By her own admission, it was a labor of love: of all the wonders of the original trilogy of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI, nothing about the beloved George Lucas opus made her pulse race quite like the Millennium Falcon taking flight for the cause of galactic freedom.

Holmes successfully gave the bag the Falcon’s worn-down look through texturing, dying, and just the right application of hardware. An LED strip with a basic on/off switch stood in for the ship’s lit-up rear hyperdrive module when attached to its snap closure, just one example of several instances in which she inventively married functional design to keen overall form.

“I think I was also channeling all of my childish excitement and wonder into my creation, willing this new incarnation to capture some of the magic of those first adventures,” Holmes wrote.



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