Miito Induction Heating Rod Heats Up Your Liquids Futuristicly

Is This An Alternative to the Kettle?
Water is hard to down especially when the needed daily amount is 2-3 liters. You may have thought of making some tea to switch up your experience. Well, that didn’t work either. Kettles take forever to heat up and you’re not exactly known for your patience. Besides, why make tea if the kettle’s gonna yell at you the entire time?A new Kickstarter project by company Miito might be tossing out that old kettle for a gadget from the 21st century. Their product, which goes by the name of their company, heats liquids quickly and directly on a new age hot plate while lowering your energy and water usage. Simply place the metal rod in your favorite cup of coffee, soup, or sauce to get started.It’s no fuss, no muss, and don’t forget the best part. No screaming at you when it’s ready.

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