Microsoft’s Project X Wearable Holograms Changes Video Games Forever

We always knew this day would come: our enemies are about to get a whole lot smarter.

Microsoft led off its October 2015 slate of new product announcements in New York by introducing the world to the tether-free HoloLens, a headset-based pioneer platform in “mixed-reality gaming” that pits players against holographic enemies that can detect a real-world environment and use its features against humans “wearing” virtual blasters.

Microsoft-Project-X-Hololens (1)

The debuting hardware requires no phone or PC connection to send evil arachnids crawling into your living space. With the aid of no cords or wires whatsoever, the game’s sensors will take walls, furniture and other tangible features into account when intelligently scheming to take first the living room, then….THE WORLD! OF COURSE! Fortunately, the system also keeps your holographic weapon with you and armed at all times and can even morph into new tools and weapons.

Gizmodo reports that the demo of what is being called Project X included a Microsoft employee using his weapon’s “vortex mode” to draw an alien into range and then punch the little bugger (…heh…) into a splattering mess against a wall.

This has the potential to be the greatest game to ever be played falling-down drunk.

One word of caution, world: if you can invent the hardware, someone can make porn with it.


Source – Gizmodo


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