Microsoft Surface Book Joins Creative-Laptop Scene Selling Out In Five Days

The Microsoft Surface Book just might represent the finest hour of the laptop and tablet combined.

With a 13.5″ detachable PixelSense™ display mated with an waifish full-size backlit keyboard and a tablet configuration option to bend back the screen into a OneNote and Surface Pen-compatible canvas, make no mistake: Microsoft is trotting out an all-around juggernaut to take a swing at Apple’s respectively overhauled iPad and Macbook Pros.

Of course, it helps having all 16GB of a h Gen Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor’s memory and the potential vibrancy of an uptional-upgrade discrete graphics chip under its hood, now, doesn’t it?

The Surface Book represents Microsoft’s most compelling overture yet to all walks of digitally inclined creatives. It’s a laptop designed to be an ever-present workhorse that can more than handle even intensive video and photo editing via high-powered professional software such as e® Photoshop® and Illustrator. If you can imagine it, the multi-touch PixelSense™ screen and finely calibrated Surface Pen can bring it to life.

Fortunately, all that innovative horsepower gives also makes it a powerhouse of much less colorful endeavors. The Surface Book displays perfect compatibility with Microsoft’s full Office suite – natch – and the Surface Pen marks up personal notes on any webpage through the brand-new Microsoft Edge browser for quick, easy sharing. If there happens to be something the Surface Book doesn’t naturally do, don’t worry; there’s a universe of available creative apps to upgrade its already impressive versatility.






Five days after the release, all pre-orders were sold out, beating out expectations.
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