Microsoft Display Dock Turns Phones Into Windows PCs (Sort Of)

Batman is fated to always eventually cross paths again with the Joker. Superman will never rid himself of Lex Luthor as long as both are alive. The Doctor has the Master. Bill Russell met Wilt Chamberlain time and time again. The Yankees and Red Sox will always collide every spring – and, occassionally, every fall.

Are we surprised that the race for a 100% brand-connected world just keeps coming back to Microsoft and Apple running neck-and-neck? Hardly.

The newly debuted Mircosoft Display Dock peripheral shown off this week has managed to already show fob-sized computers the potential door to their extinction: a dock that turns any connected monitor or TV into a desktop PC-style monitor for Microsoft’s Windows 10-powered Lumia 960 and 950 XL smartphones.

The phone that can seamlessly run software as high-performance as Windows 10 doesn’t yet exist, but in the meantime until it does, the Microsoft Display Dock will run a traditional Windows-style desktop with full-screen apps and access to media players and both Office and Outlook in 1080p. Its USB-C cable charges a phone even while in use and either an HDMI cable or DisplayPort plugs the device into the screen. Three USB2.0 ports built into the back give the Display Dock access to accessories including thumb drives, a keyboard or a mouse, among other peripheral possibilities.

But what if you get a call? No problem. Even while immersed in the desktop view, you can still use the device as you wish or use the smaller of the two screens to browse apps personally. With the Lumia 950 and 950 XL both due out in November, Microsoft should be releasing the Display Dock’s sale date and pricing information any time now.


Source – Microsoft

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