Microbes From A Handprint Show How Disgustingly Filthy We Are. Wash Your Hands!

Ever wonder just how many germs are lingering on your hands after a full day of work? Everybody knows plenty of people don’t wash their hands after the bathroom, so why not test this theory out?
A mother over at Cabrillo College let her curiosity get the better of her, and she’s quite surprised by the results she’s seeing. This mom used her 8 year old’s handprint on a petri dish after playing outside and let the combination of yeasts, fungi, and bacteria incubate for several days before taking these breathtaking photos.

This collection of prints is of common harmless growths, but it’s still interesting to see how icky our world can get in just a few short days. Go ahead, try it. Just don’t get nauseous.

Microbe Germs On Hands (1)
Source – ThisIsColossal
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