Micro BB Crossbow Is What A Tiny Daryl Dixon Would Shoot

If a legion of zombie chinchillas were to ever overwhelm Daryl Dixon, we like to think he’d have the good sense to spare a full-size crossbow bolt and switch over to Etsy fine weapon crafter IceFireCreations’ Micro BB Crossbow to thin the pack a bit.

Don’t let the name fool you: this 9cm-long-by-10cm-wide handmade crossbow is pretty damn versatile in the way of compatible ammo. No BBs? No problem. Round up some matches, pebbles or even very small headless nails, and you still have a discreet force to be reckoned with.

Here’s an obvious word of advice and plea for non-stupidity: be careful, OK? Much like the wedding tackle that spawned some of the mental-defectives who give us cause to issue this warning, the Micro BB Crossbow is unthinkably small but fully functional. Nobody in any kind of right mind recommend shooting this at actual people, particularly near the face. Also, please refrain from being the sick little Future Serial Killers of America who would terrorize pets and smaller wild animals with these.


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