Metallica Black Limited Edition Beer Perfect for Your Metal Soul

There have been a drove of old metal bands that have gone out of their way to combine the best of two worlds – hard metal, and good old fashion cold beer. It seems Metallica has joined in on the Budweiser bandwagon when the dubbed ‘King of Beers’ released a pitch-black beer can with the Metallica logo stamped proudly on it!

One would be led to assume that Metallica has gone down the road of Iron Maiden and brewed their own beer, but, they didn’t. Instead, Bud did the next best thing, they released a limited Metallica edition beer-in-can with only 91, 000 of them being made and circulated.

Unfortunately, for Metallica fans all over the world, it will only be available in Quebec – still a part of Canada, despite what some there may wish. Why Canada? That is an excellent question. Regardless, these limited edition Metallica collector cans won’t last long. Like a Metallica concert, there are limited seats, so get them while they last.

Metallica Beer Truck 2Metallica Beer Truck 1Metallica-Beer


Source – Foodiggity

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