Mesh Smart Triggers Turn Everyday Items Into Smart Gadgets

In a successful attempt to make common gadgets found in homes and offices a little… smarter, founders of the MESH Smart Trigger created app-enabled, smart sensors. These can be linked together by Bluetooth (BLE) and IFTTT to accomplish some amazing feats.

Basically, MESH uses the Internet to make everyday, ordinary items smarter by creating links or connections between other MESH triggers. Using a simple drag-and-drop app, you can link literally hundreds of gadgets and apps together to create all types of connections that will make your life a little smarter/easier.

The uses for these smart triggers are endless, as the motion sensors can be used along with cameras, lights, TVs, audio players, and coffee makers to be ‘triggered’ on when people or animals approach, or to turn off when people exit a room.

The possibilities are endless and you are sure to have fun turning your everyday items into ‘smart’ gadgets.






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