Mermaid Sequins Backpack Made From Authentic Mermaid Skin To Carry Our Books

Mermaids Trade in Their A Glistening Tail For….Um, Pockets?

We’ve shown off concepts similar to this before, but these tactile disappearing-reappearing sequins never fail to amuse us anew every time they adorn something. With a new school year right around the corner, ThinkGeek would like to help every awesomely nerdy kid with a penchant for either classic Hans Christian Andersen tales or the 1984 Oscar-nominated Daryl Hannah comedy “Splash” plunge back into academia in style sporting this mystifying Mermaid Sequins Backpack.

If little Ariel were to make that same questionable laryngitis-for-legs bargain with Ursula today, she would no doubt feel a little bit better about her choice knowing that she got to keep the familiar luminous sheen of her tail’s scales while gaining yet another crazy human-exclusive accessory: pockets! Yes, aside from this tote not being at all waterproof, this is the next-best thing to having fins instead of feet.

The backpack is 12 1/2″ x 7″ x 17″ with a laptop Sleeve: 11″ wide x 10″ tall (could extend up to 16″ tall since top is open). Simply run your hands over the mermaid pelt to change the color. It offers ample storage space among its compartments of various sizes and handy laptop/tablet sleeve, carries comfortable with adjustable padded sleeves, and best of all, dragging your fingers across the bedazzled fabric causes the glittery embellishments to magically disappear wherever you touch them. Swipe again, and the shiny scales return.

It’s the perfect personal carryall for the little mermaid (or merman) who just can’t keep those twiddling fingers still without a fidget toy in sight.

Editors Note: No actual mermaids were harmed in the manufacturing of this product.

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