Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA Evolves Mid-Drive From Coupe To Aerodynamic Wonder

It could be said that the greatest rival to Mercedes-Benz engineers will always be the next car they build. The revolutionary German automaker is ceaselessly driven to exceed their own precedents above all others. The only thing they will allow to outperform a vehicle bearing their name is the very next Mercedes-Benz.

At the global Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile 2015 event, the world-premiere Mercedes Benz Concept IAA is likely to ensure the undefeated streak continues.

For all intents and purposes, the Daimler luxury automobile icons have developed the world’s first working gas-electric hybrid transformer. With inspiration culled from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and four-door S-Class Coupe, the Concept IAA weighs in with a world-champion aerodynamic Cd. value of 0.19 and some serious voodoo in its elegant chassis. At 80 km/h, it swiftly transitions its outer shape from the sporty standard “Design” mode into “Aero” mode.

A combined eight extending rear segments add 390mm of length to its body. Extending bumper flaps lengthen it another 25mm in front and 20mm in the rear for improved front-end and front wheel arch air flow. Active rims reduce from 55mm cupping to zero and the front bumper shifts 60mm back for optimal underbody airflow.

The net result? In Design mode, the 205kW/279hp motor carries a 62km range while producing 31g of C02/km. In Aero mode, that performance improves to a 62km range at 28g CO2/km, all with an electrically limited 250 km/h top speed.

On the inside, it’s all classic Mercedes-Benz finery combined with the softest touches of modern convenience – literally. The gorgeously flowing lines are complemented by intuitively smooth-scrolling Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) with individual side-specific left and right buttons to control separate displays.

Winner, and still champion….

Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 4Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 5Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 3

Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 2Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 7Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 1Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 8Mercedes-Benz-Design-Innovation-Concept-IAA-2015-Frankfurt-1180-686 9Source – Mercedes

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