Melting Zombie Candles Ideal For Lonely Nights Without Walking Dead

The Melting Zombie Candle – it’s weird, strange and definitely a novelty item that any zombie enthusiast would love to groan over in pleasure upon receiving as a gift. It is basically a disturbing zombie face that is a candle, and when you light it, the hot wax begins to melt down the side of the monstrous face in a way that almost gives this zombie… life!

The candle is six inches tall and there are guts at the base of the head. The best time to enjoy the horrors of this Melting Zombie Candle face is at night. So, if you’re feeling alone and no one is home, not to worry, there is something you can do.

Just turn off the lights, put a flame to this zombie’s head and then put on some really scary horror movie. Soon, you will not feel alone. Problem solved.


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