Melted Darth Vader Helmet Replica Costs $3,500 A Sith Lord Head

Darth Vader. Among an entire generation of modern fiction, he has personified the most ruthless, remorseless power of intimidation. For all the fear and villainy he embodies, however, it was hard not to think of his ultimate legacy in a new light after seeing Kylo Ren practically worshiping the defining symbol of the Sith Lord’s defeat: the helmet Luke Skywalker charred in a funeral pyre in the closing moments of “Return Of The Jedi”.

If you choose to remember science-fantasy’s most awe-inspiring iconic despot as he died, as opposed to how he lived, then don’t you dare miss a chance to own one of these ultra-rare Melted Darth Vader Helmet replicas officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

Let’s first define “rare”: only 500 of these stunning replicas exist. Sales are limited to one collectible per household within the continental United States only at a price of $3,500 per head.

Pun unapologetically intended.

For the cost of a lower-end used car, you’ll become the proud owner of one immaculately detailed facsimile virtually indistinguishable from the prop used in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. That’s because each individual piece is created using highly precise digital manufacturing processes based on the original helmet’s 3D digital data, including individually recreating and projecting the original’s texture patterns onto every surface. This composition of forced and cast items and 3D printing materials is hand-finished by meticulous artisans and contains an individual authentication chip programmed with a unique serial number matching the one on the included physical Certificate of Authenticity and Authentication Medallion.

After allowing up to 16 weeks for delivery, your replica Melted Darth Vader Helmet will arrive in a custom wooden crate fashioned to resemble the original prop’s own packaging.

We apologize, but if we don’t come right out and say what needs to be said, we’ll live in fear that someone will do something incomprehensibly stupid: this is not a toy. It is not a costume piece. It contains no moving parts and is intended for display only.

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For $3500, It BETTER give someone a force choke hold

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