Mellow Electric Skateboard Motor Adds Propulsion To Any Board In Minutes

The Mellow Mountable Electric Skateboard Motors is a skaters dream come true, there is no over stating that fact. Have you ever dreamed of cruising up that hill you always ride down, instead of walking? Or, have you ever just wished your board would just ‘keep going’ after you thrust your leg out to paddle the pavement? Well, now it can!

If you mount the Mellow on to your board, the road is the limit, and you can cruise under its power up to 40 km/h. Obviously, the Mellow is not for total beginners, because the torque that is produced by this amazingly powerful German-made engine will jerk you forward as if you were riding a large remote control car – it’s that fast.

Experience endless rides down open highways and city streets, or up that favorite hill of yours, the Mellow will take you there.

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