Meat-Free Cheeseburgers That Bleed? Tasty and Good For Environment Too!

Meat, juicy, thick, barbecued hamburger meat on sesame seed buns with mustard, a slice of cheese, ketchup, onions, tomatoes, some lettuce, and if you’re in the mood for it a pickle. Hard to beat the taste of a well-made cheeseburger, substitutes like soybean burgers just don’t cut-it.

The problem with great tasting hamburgers is that the origins of the meat often come from animal farming – a mass systematic butchering of animals which treats them harshly during their brief existence on earth. Many people now are more conscious about what they eat and where food like hamburger meat comes from.

One special start-up company – Impossible Foods has smartly addressed this concern and is producing something… impossible, meat-free cheeseburgers that taste just like a real cheeseburger. Step aside soybean burgers, now vegetarians have something to sink their teeth into and like it!

Using synthesized plant matter from grains, beans and vegetables, the California company can separate the main ingredients used to create their meat-free cheeseburgers such as proteins, amino acids and fat. It looks like beef, it smells like beef, and it taste as close to beef as… real beef, and, no animals are injured.

Source – IFLScience

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