McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Menu Gets People Excited In Fast Food Again

Nutritionists, people with special dietary needs, and traditional-minded folk avoid fast food restaurants, and it’s no wonder why. Most fast food restaurants are known to have super high calories and high fat, but darn aren’t they yummy and convenient? While most restaurants now list their caloric information, some are seriously stepping up to accommodate the masses.

More recently, McDonald’s is aiming at drawing in its estranged customers with a Create-Your-Taste Menu. This large piece of technology lets you create your own burger masterpiece. Each of these devices has an HD display and responsive touchscreen. But seriously, look at these burgers…. they rival that of some fancy gourmet burger joints with much better quality looking food from what we can tell.

Cheese lover? Pile it high! More into the healthy lifestyle? Have a BLT, just make sure you get extra extra bacon on it! We’re still waiting on the recipe for the McStrosity, will you create it?

McDonalds Create Your Own Taste Gourmet Burgers 5McDonalds Create Your Own Taste Gourmet Burgers 6McDonalds Create Your Own Taste Gourmet Burgers 1McDonalds Create Your Own Taste Gourmet Burgers 3McDonalds Create Your Own Taste Gourmet Burgers 4

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