Maveric Pro Drone Folds Up So Small You Can Fit It In Your Hand

The drone industry is constantly evolving, with trends and consumer demands pushing towards smaller designed units that are easier to carry. Drones that are ‘portable’ are made considerably smaller, at the expense of limiting their performance and ability to carry greater payloads, such as drones with cameras that can take HD quality video.

Such smaller, portable drones are typically designed just for flying fun, while ones that come equipped with cameras are mostly for taking videos and pictures from above. Well, the new Maveric Pro drone is as portable as any small drone, and it has all the advanced features you would expect from a high-end drone, including a HD camera.

The props holding the rotors actually fold into the airframe, which reduces the drone’s size considerably, allowing you to easily stow it away in a backpack or gym bag. The 12-megapixel camera shoots 4k video in full 1080p HD, at 30 fps, so you don’t have to worry about getting closeup shots when the drone is 30 feet in the air. But, what really makes this drone special is it has gesture control, once its in the air, you can just wave at it and it will come back to you, or have it do other maneuvers.

All-in-all, it’s a recommended drone because it has the best of both worlds – its small, with the advanced features of larger drones.







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