Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock Turns Your Phone Into The Key

Keeping real estate and storage property safe is a constant concern today for all sorts of people, especial home owners and renters who live in bustling cities. Securing your home or storage areas is important, and that requires locks. There are many types of locks; most of them use keys to open them, while some use a dial code system or numbers you push to open the lock.

These types of locks are on their way out of popularity as newer tech driven locks take their place, such as swipe cards and biometric fingerprint locks become more available and cheaper. However, there is an unexpected new type of lock available that is securing the public’s attention – Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock.

Master Lock is a well-respected and trusted name the world over, and the company has developed a lock that needs no physical keys to open, thus removing the hassle that comes with losing your keys or having to give them to others to gain entry, or worse, losing your keys or forgetting the number combination.

These hardy pad locks improve security, as they can send out an alert if someone tries to tamper with it to your smartphone phone. And, the lock’s code can be changed anytime you want by using either app from your Android or iOS device. There is a directional pad that can be used to physically enter the code to unlock it, by pressing up, down, right and left. And, permission can be granted to certain people, or revoked as needed. Even the time of access can be regulated to certain hours of the day or night.

If you are looking for more control of who enters and exits your property, and want a system that can keep track of who comes and goes, and you want to do away with the hassle of using keys, then the Master Lock Bluetooth Pad Lock is just what you’re looking for.

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