Massive Black Hole 21 Billion Times Bigger Than Sun Discovered By Astronomers

Our universe is ‘big’, in fact, it is so big it hard to wrap your head around the idea that there are billions of stars in our little Milky-Way Galaxy, and that there are literally countless billions of galaxies in the universe. Objects are in distance space are so vast it hurts the mind to attempt to contemplate their sizes, such as the newest and largest black hole discovered by astronomers – NGC 4889.

Scientist using The Hubble Space Telescope discover the massive object 300 million light-years away, that pretty far, far enough to make the problems on earth seem very small. Anyways, how massive is NGC 4889? Well, it must be really big for astronomers to see it ‘300’ light years away!

It’s bigger than big, in fact, it is 21 billion time larger than our sun, let that sink into your mind for a moment… yeah, it’s hard to grasp the size of it, really. But, if you want to rack your brain with more scientific information about the biggest black hole in the universe, then you can visit the Hubble Telescope website and knock yourself out.

NGC 4889 2NGC 4889 1

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