Maserati Boomerang Pushes the Petal to the Medal at 186 Mph

We’ve idolized cars for decades. For some they’re a portrayal of our need to be independent, free-thinking, and alive. With horsepower to back you up, it’s hard not to romanticize your next car purchase. The automobile industry now makes billions a year, and last year nearly 72 million vehicles were expected to be sold. To keep up with the need to be different, futuristic cars spring up every year that defy conventional design to stand out from the pack and make a name for themselves.Just because more people are buying cars doesn’t reduce the importance to you. You want something classy and elegant. Surprisingly you may inspiration from a blast from the past, and the Maserati Boomerang is a great example of that. Debuted in 1971, this baby has a 300+ hp V8 engine, top speed of 186 mph, and a futuristic design that’ll leave everyone breathless as you blast around the neighborhood.Will they ever trump a vehicle this hardcore?

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