Marvel & DC Superhero Winter Jackets Take On The Evil Frigid Cold

People wonder why we refuse to grow complacently into adulthood. Why would we? Look at all the cool stuff 10-year-olds get to wear that we would have to give up.

It just wasn’t enough for to release a line of superhero-styled Marvel and DC “secret identity” and “alter-ego” formal wear that makes getting cleaned up for high society fun again. Now, children of the world can take to the snow-blanketed hills this winter dressed fully as Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk, among other characters.

These snowsuits and winter coats aren’t just geared toward being the envy of every winter wonderland. In addition to removable hoods, , adjustable straps, wrist gaiters to keep sleeves pulled down, secure pockets to protect valuables, and character-specific custom buttons and zipper pulls, every coat is also both insulated and completely water-repellent.

Parents, while you unfortunately can’t quite share in all the geeky superhero glory of this fantastic outerwear priced to pre-order from $80 to $100, you can indulge yourself with more toned-down DC and Marvel winter gear made to outfit adults. The exception to taking the embellishments down a peg would, naturally, be the two-piece Iron Man snowsuit consisting of a $120 coat and $100 pants. It is every bit as bold and fun as the child version and worth every penny to look like our next snowboarding excursion is on Stark Industries’ dime.

These Marvel and DC Coats and Snowsuits are excepted to ship sometime this November.









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