Martian mVoice Smartwatch Now Works With Amazon Alexa To Manage Your Life Using Voice Commands

Martian Watches has gone where no other smartwatch as gone before, in the areas of voice recognition. Teaming up with Amazon Alexa’s cloud-based voice service, the well-known watch maker provides its users with a classic timepiece that has as many functions and features as any other smartwatch, without sacrificing style.

Armed with enhanced digital communication technology, you only have to use simple voice commands to manage you daily affairs. Together with Alexa, the watch maker seeks to improve, enhance, and to simplify the way people perform everyday tasks.

Using the watch, wearers have more than 5,000 skills at their beck and call, just speak into it and ask a question, any question, and you’ll get an answer, it’s amazing! In fact, the more you talk, the more it understands your speech patterns and the words you use.

The best thing about having this watch on your wrist, besides it’s stylish looks, is that you can ask all the questions you want, and they’ll get answered, and, if you keeping asking questions until your blue in the face, you’re sure to become a smarter person for it.

Just imagine, tell it to play your favorite music, inquire about the news, weather, and traffic conditions. Helpful is not a good enough description of the Martian Watch, ‘essential’ is a better word.


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Be on the go with access to over 5,000 Alexa skills

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