Marshmallow Stress Relievers Keep Your Short Fuse In Check

Stress is an ugly thing. It drives us crazy, makes us hungry, and has the unfortunate side effect of aging us prematurely. Why can’t people just get off your back? Whether you work in a fast-paced industry or you just have an extremely short fuse, beat down that stress with your bare hands.Stress relievers are a great substitute for clenching your teeth or choking your coworkers, and you’re sure to appreciate it when you don’t have assault charges against you. If you hate or love cute things, the Shin’Yu Marshmallow Stress Relievers work all the same.

Simply squeeze em’ as hard as you can to get you through that terrible work week. Nobody said you have to be gentle.

Marshmallow Stress Reliever2 Marshmallow Stress Reliever3

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Marshmallow Stress Reliever
Marshmallow Stress Reliever
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