Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker Shoves Your Tunes Center-Stage. HELLO, CLEVELAND!

Anybody who has ever thrown down a thunderous Pete Townshend air-windmill to “Baba O’Reilly” has at least once imagined blasting those triumphant chords a most-triumphant Marshall amp to roaring fans with Zippos aloft and sexy, sexy groupies with frilly underthings at the ready to launch in your face like anti-aircraft missiles in a no-fly zone.

Whether your jimmy-jam is classic Who, fingertip-shredding Metallica or the soul-rot of Justin Bieber, turn chill-time anywhere into a raucous stadium concert, the Marshall Stockwell Speaker makes any space your own personal Buddokan. ( Note: In the main image is the picture of the Marshall London Mobile we reviewed earlier)

Dropping in the not-too-distant future of Q4 2015, this official Marshall Bluetooth travel speaker weighs in at a no-roadie-needed 2.65 lbs., perfected for portability. It may not have a genuine Stockwell’s heft, but it does recline on a handsome red-felt stand to angle sound upward and outward, just like the real deal. Up top, customize your sound with individual Volume, Treble and Bass knobs and a switch to swap between Bluetooth and manual source inputs. Whatever your set list, the Class-D amplification is good for up to 25 hours of play with a full charge.

Get a cold beer out of your Marshall Fridge and Rock over London. Rock on, Chicago.

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Source – TheAwesomer

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