Marshall Amp Fridge Lets You Air Guitar Your Way To Legendary Status Between Jam Sessions

You’re an air guitar geek. A string-strumming sicko. A real legend of musical proportions. Not everybody can be a badass all the time. Sometimes you just need to cool down, and with summer in full swing, you’re probably in some desperate need of cooling down from the animosity that heat tends to spark in people.Whether you’re in the studio or you dilapidated mancave, cool off that inner tension with some much needed R&R. Marshall is strumming to a different beat with their Marshall Fridge, which is anything but conventional. No, that’d be an insult to your awesomeness. This fridge is efficiently crafted from Marshall Amp parts and is made with high quality fret cloth veneer with white piping and brass rivets.

You may not be able to actually use this as an amp, but you can still air guitar your way to legendary status in between studio sessions.

Source – InternetvsWallet

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  1. I almost bought one. I still might.

  2. Tracy James you guys need this in the band room

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