Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Can Float Anywhere You Want

Bluetooth speakers are the best, for more than a few good reasons. Mainly, because they totally remove wiring from the whole ‘thing’ – listening to music, and taking that music wherever you want to go.

Wireless speakers allow you to do just that, go wherever you want and listen to your music. Thankfully, there are many shapes, sizes and colorful designs of Bluetooth speakers available that can satisfy everyone’s’ tastes, like the Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker.

Just looking at where the music is actually coming out of this little UFO speaker is entertaining enough, but the sounds it produces is truly out-of-this-world quality. The tweeter floats in the air, which eliminates any vibration disturbance, and with the sub-woofer mounted in Mars’ base, it gives it an ‘earthy’ full sound.

There is a lot more to this levitating Bluetooth speaker by Crazybaby than meets the ears, or tantalizes the eyes, as you will discover.


Mars Levitating Speaker 1Mars Levitating Speaker 2Mars Levitating Speaker 3Mars Levitating Speaker 4Mars Levitating Speaker 5Mars Levitating Speaker 6Mars Levitating Speaker 7Mars Levitating Speaker 9

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Floats Like Magic

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