Europe’s Mars Express Reveal Proof Of Mars Flooding In New Images

A lot has happened over the last 30 years, in regards to how much the public has been allowed to know about other planets in our solar system. Sad to say, NASA is notorious for editing and filtering information about the red planet Mars, that much of our unadulterated information about it comes from independent sources and the European Space Agency.

European scientists just released some fascinating images of Mars, showing clear evidence that water once flowed there in abundance, an idea that mainstream science and religions have been resistant to accept. The newly released pictures, along with a trove of information about the planet, was provided by Mars Express – the first European mission geared towards Mars.

The the space agency’s orbiter continues to circle the planet to gain information about its surface and the two moons that orbit it. Unfortunately, the lander they brought with them didn’t touch down as planned, but the mission goes on. You can learn much more about the Red Planet by visiting the website of European Space Agency.



Source – ESA

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