Marijuana Coffee Infused K-Cups Are Just The Best Breakfast Ever

Well, Previous Generations before us – you tried. You fought the good fight, but for all your demonizing efforts and not-entirely-fruitless cautionary tales, you’ve lost the weed war. Arguably your greatest sustained victory has been the undeniable fact that REEFER MADNESS is one of the most unintentionally hilarious awful propaganda films to ever be just THAT much funnier when watched while lightly toasted.

As of today, you have lost the war: presenting to the world, Cannabis Infused K-Cups. That’s right, the best part of waking up is ganja in your cup.

Fairwinds Manufacturing pretty much wins at understatement forever by calling the Keurig-ready brew “a tremendous and enjoyable experience for the consumer.” California’s House of Jane has distributed the first round of coffee capsules to California dispensaries while already eyeing growth into Nevada. In addition to mocha and decaf blends, cups come in medium, light and dark roasts, each with 20mg of sativa per cuppa.

For the finer palate, House of Jane is currently developing a vanilla frappuccino K-cup tentatively set to arrive sometime in the summer of 2016.Cannabis K-cups (1)

Source – FirstWeEat via Yahoo

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