Mangroomer Back Shaver Manscapes That Sasquatch Bod Into A Smooth Operator

Helps Eliminate Hair From All The Hard-To-Reach Places! Sure, there are plenty of electric razors and grooming tools on the market. While these are great, none of them give you the reach and precision of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro. Men, you’ll love being able to get that pesky back hair all by yourself without having to play Twister in the mirror to reach it. Ladies, give your back a break and use this grooming tool on your legs without having to stretch and strain.

The Mangroomer’s unique design allows you to reach all the areas of your body effortlessly. Getting the hair off your back or legs will be a breeze. Two interchangeable heads let you trim hair of all lengths and thicknesses easily. The 1.8 inch ultra-wide blade for getting large areas is complimented by a foil, bi-directional groomer head for regular maintenance and a smooth finish.

The shock absorbing head twists and turns to follow the contours of your back while keeping contact with your skin. This prevents the groomer from missing hairs in difficult places. You can set the desired length and angle and then lock it into place. An ergonomic rubber grip keeps the Mangroomer securely in your hand, even in wet conditions. For areas with thick hair, the Power Burst button lets the groomer clear it with ease. The advance charge battery system, complete with LED indicator lights, lets you re-charge quickly without hassle. When you’re all done, just rinse the Mangroomer with water and wipe it clean. For those looking to remove hair without the hassle, the Mangroomer (not just for men) is the way to go!

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