Manga Becomes Real! This Giant, Humanoid Robot Puts Out Fires

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Imagine if you were stuck in a burning ship and then a giant, humanoid robot flew in and started putting out fires. You would assume you were actually living in some kind of Manga series, or at the very least one of the Marvel movies.


Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot – SAFFiR

In fact though, this could very well happen in the real world if the U.S. Navy gets its way. The ‘Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot’ or ‘SAFFiR’ is a 177 centimeter tall robot that walks on two legs and uses prehensile arms to open doors and fire blasts of water. It can walk along uneven surfaces and is resistant to damage from fire and water – though less so than your average Joe. It can’t fly though, that bit was made up…


Seriously though, if this technology ever takes off then it might be common place to send robots in to put out fires and rescue people. That is so science fiction that it can’t get much more science fiction…

rescue robot

Then again though, you have to start wondering how long it would take before robots started filling in for police during riots…

And even more scary is the fact that there are plans to give this thing AI as well!

Source – PC World


All kinds of robots to do your bidding. Until they revolt.

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