Man Mug Is The Multitasking Companion For Every Guy

Be you a cocoa-sipping young He-Man Woman Hater brimming with brewing manhood or a fully grown Irish coffee-guzzling disciple of NO MA’AM, the Man Mug is your indispensible savior in every DIY endeavor.

There’s much more to this oversized Handyman’s Holy Grail than sizable quantities of your favorite piping hot fuel and a foreboding Not-For-Women logo stamped on the bottom – you know, lest the slogan “MAN MUG IT’S NOT FOR GIRLS” on the body leave something in doubt.

No, if the late Douglas Adams were to lay eyes upon this grand cup, he would revise THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY to make cocksure that Arthur Dent was never without this versatile vessel. Purely for a handyman’s familiar tactile comfort, the handle imitates a saw handle’s shape and feel, but includes a slot in the top for a pencil. The side bears both a spirit level and a small ruler.

Indeed, it is one mean mug.


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