Makedo Space Pod Launch Kit Takes Cardboard Construction To New Heights

In the pursuit of our dreams of rocketing bravely into the inky solitude of space, we’ve all repurposed a discarded Maytag box with little more than a few magic markers, crawled into an empty dryer, or even nagged our parents into building us a handcrafted lunar module in the backyard.

Hell, for us, that’s an ordinary Tuesday.

Still, the Makedo Ready To Build Space Pod Launch Kit takes make-believe one step further into a much more rewarding frontier: this 130-piece kit lends imaginative youngsters a chance to stretch their problem-solving, spatial awareness and creative gifts while constructing a four-foot cardboard replica spaceship.

This is no cramped, flimsy playset, either. Kids ages 6 and up could spend hours upon hours on “missions” crawlingin and out of the cockpit by way of the undersized entry hatch, piloting and managing their craft with the pre-cut cardboard panels’ pre-printed attentive recreations of a real module’s busy control array. The real adventure, though, lies in building as much as the make-believe epic explorations of the cosmos.

See, the Makedo Ready To Build Space Pod Launch Kit is a construction experience as much as it is an engine of imagination. You won’t need a single screw to ready the pod for launch. That’s because it includes 73 specially designed “scrus” and two matching “scrudrivers” that firmly insert these unique fasteners easily and durably hold the sheets together – surely, as strongly as anything NASA could muster.

Gets get to work together building something that can wile away hours setting their imaginations free after exercising their ingenuity. Parents get to sit back and wonder which will be the first to become an envoy to the Romulan Empire or blow up an asteroid the sixe of Texas alongside Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck before it destroys Liv Tyler.

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