Make Your Farts Smell So Delicious You’ll Want to Eat Them

There are some weird people who are happy to proudly take ownership of their farts. Instead of blaming the dog, they point at their chest with their thumb and loudly declare: ’twas I!

These people are a little strange but there’s a good chance that in the future we might all be that way. That’s because there are now pills you can take to make your farts actually smell good. Really good. In fact, the manufacturers of ‘Lutin Malin’ (which translates as evil leprechaun) claim that they can make your farts smell like chocolate.

Farts have often smelled like soft brown stuff, now they just smell like different soft brown stuff.

In theory this could solve a lot of problems and prevent many an argument as you’d be able to let rip in a crowded elevator and not feel any sense of guilt. Instead of saying ‘pardon me’, you’ll say ‘you’re welcome’.

The big question of course is whether they actually work. According to the reviews the answer is ‘not really’. They won’t make your farts smell tasty but they may just eliminate some of the odor. So that’s something!

Chocolate Scented Fart Pills

Chocolate Scented Fart Pills

Chocolate Scented Fart Pills

Source – GearDiary via Pilulepet


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