Make-Believe Meals of Knitted Food Satisfies Hunger Cravings

Knitting, what’s it good for? Making blankets, stuffed kids’ toys, ski sweaters and… food? Yeah, make-believe knitted food that looks so good it can make you hungry. It’s impressive the quality of food items that are created by knitting. Foods such as hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, cheese, mustard and ketchup, and not just the bottle of ketchup and mustard, but the squeezed out ketchup and mustard!

The imagination, creativity and skill that it takes to knit a cup of coffee for example; the cup and the coffee inside the cup, it is all knitted. It’s impressive, to say the least. The knitted food looks fantastic, but so does the knitted eating utensils such as the fork and knife, along with the plates.

The creative skill behind these fun creations is Jessica Dance, why does she knit incredible looking make-believe food? It’s art, wonderfully captured in quality photographs by David Sykes.

Source – BeautifulDecay

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