Makastool Macaron Stool Is One Sumptuous Place To Sit

Many are the material symbols of one’s fine personal tastes that speak more boisterously than bank statements, more significantly than stock portfolios.

We tried lighting cigars with $100 bills. It didn’t feel good. We wept as we realized we’d just literally burning two-months’ rent, sent the two strippers in Duane from Accounting’s lap to the hospital with singed weaves (poor Cinnabon and Skittles), and earned a lifetime ban from Tootsie’s Cabaret.

Fortunately, Makastool Macaron Stool designer Li Ving has a much less wasteful idea: flaunt your finery by virtue of where you sit your fanny down – in this case, resting one’s butt atop a handcrafted seat in the likeness of a lightly delicious French pastry.

Each stool is fashioned from plywood discs that support a Macaron-like cushion in one of four colorful “flavors” crafted in faux leather and stain-repellent microfiber.

Come on. You’re sitting on French food. How much more fancy must one be? Bon appetit!

Makastool Macaron Stool-2Makastool Macaron Stool-3Makastool Macaron Stool-1Makastool Macaron Stool-5

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