Magnetic Motion Lamp Uses Fun Ferrofluid That’s Better Than Boring Lava

Lava lamps are gorgeous classic furnishings who anyone who likes their illumination as hypnotically bubbly as it is warm and bright. Scientist Kyle Haines looked upon the beloved trippy knick-knack one fine day and concluded, “This could be smarter.”

Step one? Haines reflected upon his Penn State student experimentation with “liquid magnets”. Before he knew it, the Magnetic Motion Lamp was born.

For starters, get the lamp’s magnetized liquid moving by turning on its incandescent bulb. The ferrofluid filling the lamp magnetizes in a magnetic field’s presence, so as you next run the rare included earth magnets down the lamp’s sides, it should begin to dance as it “spikes”. This beautiful scientific innovation of illumination is the product of 10,000 prototypes tinkered with over months of design and testing.

The end result? Trippier living through chemistry.



Ferrofluid Toys
Ferrofluid Toys
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