Magicharge Electroluminescent Lightning Cable Charges Your Phone In The Most Awesome Way

If you love original stuff, stuff that sparkles, glows or shines of electroluminescent lighting, then you have to love these cable phone chargers that flash assorted bright colors. Just plugging in your phone doesn’t mean it is being charged? But now, there is no guessing if your iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini, 4th Generation iPad, and 5th generation iPod Touch are charging, when you plug in the Magicharge Electroluminescent Lightning Cable. Now, you know when your juice is flowing.

Once the charging cable is plugged into any USB socket with power, the party starts, colorful swirls of light seemingly fill the 2 ft. 8 in. long cable, and move along the cord from the USB socket to your phone, so you know it is charging. This instant visual feedback is not only reassuring that your phone is being charged, but it also looks ‘awesome’ and makes you want to dance.

Seriously, you like flashing, cool looking phone accessories, then this is definitely a unique phone cable charger to light up your collection with either blue, red, or green swirling colors to choose from.

Light Up Lightning Cable 1Light Up Lightning Cable 3

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Let's do the charging dance

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