Mad Max Power Wheels Lets Kids Ride To Valhalla This Apocalyptic Halloween

World Parenting Champions Create Working MAD MAX Prop-Car Costume For Best Halloween Ever

….And STILL Grand Champions of Incredible Kids’ Halloween Costumes Forever…

There is some small, thankfully well-muted part of us that desperately wants to bitterly resent Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith for the annual phenomenal practical-effect costumes they’ve created by hand the last few years for their young son Cooper’s yearly candy-harvesting expeditions. It’s usually joined by its close friend, disappointment that we never got to get our trick-or-treat on decked out in anything NEARLY as impressive as a pint-sized Ecto-1 or BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean stroller.

In the end, two facts win out, shut both whiny-butts up and condemns them to the corner so we can just appreciate their craft in awe. One, Cory and Jeremy prove time and again that being a parent reveals whole new dimensions of fun at Halloween. Second, and arguably more importantly, they’re using this year’s fully functional custom MAD MAX Power Wheels costume to help promote their effort through the Boston Marathon to raise money for programs promoting more active, healthy lifestyles for kids like Cooper.

This year, Cory and Jeremy devised an iPhone override to remotely steer the two second-hand Power Wheels cars powered by four electric motors and repurposed into a working faithful recreation of the MAD MAX car complete with power steering, room to seat two, a truck air-horn (among additional sound effects), and even a keyed ignition.

Of course, Cooper is once more the headliner as a micro-Mad Max himself in the style of Tom Hardy, but he’s joined for the first time by the most adorably intimidating Imperator Furiosa you ever will see: introducing, his 11-month-old sister, Ziggy.

Well. We think we’ll just hang our Chewbacca costume right back up in the moth balls for this year.


Source – Gizmodo via RottenKitten Studio

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