MAD MAX-Looking Motorcycle Trike Ain’t Shiny or Chrome…But It Does Have A Detroit Diesel

OK, then. Very first sign we’re accepting that the post-apocalyptic future is upon us? When this Detroit Diesel motorcycle trike rolls down our block, we start hoarding food, ammunition, and every damn gun we can pry from someone’s cold, dead hand.

Incredibly, this animal of questionable (but likely, given its noticeable rear license plate) street legality wasn’t a MAD MAX: FURY ROAD inspiration. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even surface online belching smoke like the furnaces of Isengard until after the acclaimed 2015 summer blockbuster had begun running roughshod through theaters. We’re not even sure what registration would fit this. Morgan three-wheeler? Kit car? Simply a motorcycle? Whatever the case, we’d thrill to know first-hand just how this beast drives.

Seriously, imagine the poor sap of a Prius driver who decides to tailgate this trike. A little fun with the throttle, and that poor hybrid chokes on black smoke like a hapless, expendable character on LOST.

Oh, well. We can dream all we want of riding eternal, all shiny and chrome, and dying historic on the Fury Road.

Source – BoldRide

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