Mad Max Immortan Joe Mask Is Your First Step To Being A Lord Of Your Own Citadel

What is it that makes a true villain? Loki had a bad case of jealousy with his brother Thor. Dr. Otto Octavius was fused with his metallic tentacles and lost his wife. Clearly it’s the story behind a villain that makes them so bad to the bone, and with Mad Max Fury Road that is no exception.

Immortan Joe is a true vision of terror in the latest film with a rich story. Originally intending on bringing back society, the former Colonel Joe Moore’s legacy soon took a dark turn, and he proudly took his seat on the throne of his cult following.

Become your very own cult leader with this Immortan Joe Mask taken straight from the silver screen to your dusty fingertips. You’ll be sending your war boys to get guzzoline – or the chrome-plated afterlife in Valhalla while conquering the world in no time!

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