Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Are Not Exactly “Shiny And Chrome”

No vehicle that hopes to reach the Green Place all shiny and chrome comes to the end of the wasteland without some serious scars to show for the journey. especially when you check out these Mad Max concept art pictures. In fact, by the time George Miller , Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron finished filming “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the ultimately Academy Award-worthy trail of destruction in their wake had reduced numerous once-”pristine” rusted and battered motorcycles, trucks and cars to defeated heaps of incapacitated steel.

Fortunately, photographer John Platt took a keen interest in documenting the full extent of automotive carnage necessary for the fourth post-apocalyptic spectacle in Miller’s legendary series to do the original trilogy of classic Mel Gibson-starring romps justice. Before their spectacular twisting, crashing ends were captured by cameras, he immortalized more than 150 vehicles in their meticulously weathered original states. His galleries are well worth a look if only to appreciate the care poured into the pre-distressed production design that made the desolate atmosphere of “Mad Max: Fury Road” so immersive.

Source – TheAwesomer via JohnPlatt / Behance

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