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Mad Catz R.A.T.1 Modular Gaming Mouse Has Endless Customization Options

Mad Catz sometimes suffers from an often unfair bad rap among gamers, depending on the experience of whoever issues the opinion. The R.A.T.1 Mouse proves it by first defying and then rewriting the rules of effective mouse design.

Granted, Mad Catz third-party console controllers are often the janky ones the new guy joining your gaming night should have to play with. They’re malfunction-prone, not remotely as responsive as quality first-party controllers, and just a general frustration when they inevitably crap out shortly after starting their service.

Then again, serious fighting game enthusiasts will tell a different tale nearly every time. Mad Catz fight sticks can be found in the hands of elite e-sports competitors in major tournaments the world over. Just because their console controls may largely be garbage, that doesn’t mean they can’t create some top-notch peripherals.

A tripod chassis, sensor module and adjustable palm rest form the trifecta of innovations headlining the R.A.T.1 Mouse. The adjustable palm rest isn’t just any convenient accommodation – it’s a two-position structure with downloadable CAD files coming soon to talk users through 3D-printing and creating their own to perfectly fit their hands. The tripod chassis is a super-lightweight but incredibly solid foundation that steadies and supports all modular components. Finally, the sensor module detaches and doubles as a versatile, responsive mini-mouse that travels easily.

All in all, these components register a combined inconsequential 2.1 ounces minus the cable and glides and clicks with professional precision. It also happens to be one of the peripheral market’s only ambidextrous-by-design gaming mice, ideal for either a lefty or righty. Mad Catz isn’t remotely done with the R.A.T.1, either: the third-party veterans are already preparing new color options, sensor modules and 3D modeling files for even deeper customization.

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Mad Catz R.A.T.1
Mad Catz R.A.T.1

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